4 Health Benefits Linked To Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil Health Benefits

Oregano oil is an oil which is extracted from oregano herbs. The extraction process includes steam distillation. This oil in particular is known for a number of unique benefits linked to consuming it or applying the oil topically. Below is some important information about a few of benefits that oregano oil can offer for colds and other health issues.

Oregano Oil Benefits

1. Relieving A Sore Throat

Perhaps the stand-out benefit you can obtain from using oregano oil has to do with its abilities to soothe a sore throat. The oils offers anti-inflammatory properties, this is one of the best oils to assist with lowering inflammation in the area of the throat. In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, this oil also contains significant antiviral properties, which is why it is effective when it comes to targeting the virus or infection itself.

2. Gastrointestinal Problems

Another health benefit you can achieve from this oil type is its abilities to lower all forms of GI issues which may be the cause of a number of other health problems in the body or resulting in a less effective and lowered immune system. Studies have proved that oregano oil is also effective at lowering the chances or occurrence of experiencing parasitic infections and parasites. This benefit alone can assist you with improving your own immune system as well as lower your chances of suffering from different types of colds and flu’s.

3. A Natural Insect Repellent

Oregano oil is effective for repelling all sorts of insects. The oil contains an ingredient known as carvacrol a highly effective yet natural insect-repellent which is present in plants like mint and thyme. When you apply these types of oils to your skin, it usually offers a way to avoid the irritation of all insect types.

4. Reduces Antibiotic Resistance

Another unique ability linked to oregano oil is that it assists with fighting against resistance to antibiotics. If someone you know or yourself gets sick on a regular basis and you have taken a lot of different antibiotics over the years and they are no longer working, you are probably suffering from what is known as antibiotic resistance. When you start to incorporate solutions that are more natural into a treatment plan, it becomes possible to fight off these dangerous resistances.

By now you can see there are a number of advantages linked to using this oil. With this in mind, it is also important that you understand a couple of things about this oil before you use it. To begin with, this oil tastes awful which is important to be aware of before using it. Another important aspect is that you need to dilute the oil. In pure form, the oils is too strong to take on its own. It is advisable to dilute the oil into another oil type that offers a fat content that is high, like olive oil. In conclusion, oregano oil is a top-rated oil you should be using to stay healthy and to avoid sicknesses along with offering you with a more effective way to fight-off viruses or infections naturally.