Autumn Decor: Make a DIY Burlap Wreath

DIY Burlap Wreath

Festoon your front door with autumn flair by making this DIY burlap wreath.

In one short afternoon you can create a rustic burlap wreath using this simple tutorial.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • One 16” wire wreath
  • A total of 60 feet of 5” wide burlap ribbon
  • Two 18” rolls of 2” wide wired decorative ribbon (in two different but coordinating harvest-friendly-colored patterns)
  • Three artificial flowers for accent
  • A high temperature glue gun
  • High temperature glue Sticks


  1. Turn the wire wreath so that it is facing the table you are working on, then wrap a little bit of the burlap ribbon around one of the wires in the center of the wreath frame, and tie a tight knot on the wire frame. Trim off any excess tail (more than two inches or so).
  2. Flip the wire frame back over so that the knot is now on the back. Gather a small amount of burlap ribbon, about six to seven inches, form it into a loop, and push the loop up between the wires of the frame.
  3. Form another loop of burlap ribbon, then twist it to change the direction, and put the loop between two other wires in the frame, but not the same wires that you stuck the first loop between. As you go, slide the loops of ribbon tightly together if you want a really full wreath.
  4. Set the burlap ribbon aside (still connected to the loops in the frame). Take the first accent ribbon and do the same thing as you did with the burlap ribbon—tying it onto the back of the wreath, making a loop, and pushing it between two wires of the frame. Then slide those accent ribbon loops close against the burlap ribbon loops. Set the roll of accent ribbon 1 aside.
  5. Do the same with with accent ribbon 2 that you did with accent ribbon one, tying it on, making a loop, etc. Don’t forget to keep sliding the loops close together.
  6. Go back to the burlap ribbon, and create two more loops, just as you did before. Continue on in the same pattern, with two loops of burlap, one of accent ribbon 1, and one loop of accent ribbon two. Keep sliding the loops close together for the maximum fullness.
  7. Whenever the burlap ribbon runs out, tie the end to the beginning of the next roll of burlap ribbon and continue (hide the knots by tucking them deep into the frame, so they show in the back and not the front). It should take about 15 feet of burlap ribbon per one-quarter of the 16 inch wire wreath frame.
  8. When you’ve completed the wreath, push the last bit of ribbon through to the back, flip the wreath over, and tie off the ribbon to the frame.
  9. Fluff the loops of the wreath gently, taking care not to pull the loops out of the frame—remember, they are just pushed into the frame, they are not glued or wired to the frame.
  10. Next, remove the stems from the artificial flowers using wire cutters. Then, put a generous amount of hot glue onto the plastic part of the flower.
  11. Place the flower carefully where you want it on your wreath, pinch the burlap around the glued part of the flower so it adheres well, and let it cool.
  12. Repeat with the other two flowers.

Your DIY Burlap wreath is complete!