Easy Diy Garden Projects You’ll Love

Easy Diy Garden Projects

If you are a woodworker with little experience, it is important to have everything you will need to hand before you embark on any new diy garden projects.

Your ‘to do’ list for your DIY garden shed should look something like the following:

  1. Ask yourself what you will need the shed for.

The first thing that people usually use the garden shed for is to store expensive gardening tools. Maybe the rest of the family need storage space. What about all that seasonal sports equipment that every family household has? What about all of that decorating stuff that seems to grow every time you decorate your house.

  1. Decide on what size of shed you need.

If you have decided on what your shed is going to be used for, you will have some idea of the size of shed you’ll need.However, don’t forget to build in some flexibility for future needs as you don’t want to go through the same exercise when you outgrow your masterpiece that you have lovingly made.

  1. Decide on where it is going to be built.

You will already have some idea where your shed is going to be placed. No doubt it will need to be accessible in all seasons without destroying your flower beds or vegetable patches. It may have to be tucked away in the corner of your garden, so it doesn’t interfere with your garden plans. If you need to enlarge it in the future, you don’t want to be moving the shed. If you don’t have the space available for future flexibility, you will have to decide on what is more important for your shed the location or the size.

  1. Does your shed need to be insulated against heat loss, waterproofed, or an open design?

If your climate is a typical summer, winter, spring and fall type, you will need to decide the type of weatherization the shed will need most.

Maybe waterproofing will be the important factor for you? You will need to decide before you start to build.

  1. Do you need permission to build?

It is an excellent idea to know if local authorities will insist on a permit or not. I am sure you will be angry if your town planners come to your property to inform you that your pride and joy must be removed. Your local authority will tell you the dimensions you’ll need to construct your shed to comply with their laws. If you need your shed to be larger, you will need to submit your building plans for their approval. Remember that they can sometimes take weeks or months to be approved and most authorities charge a fee for approval.

  1. What is your budget for the diy garden projects?

Don’t forget that everything that you have decided will not happen if you don’t have the budget. Your shed plans (see the link below for an excellent resource) should come with a list of timber etc., that you will need to successfully complete the shed. Use the timber list to price up the project and don’t forget to include the costs of nails, screws, and other fittings. If applicable, you’ll also need to include the cost of building approval.

The blueprints for this are set up to be easy to follow. If you follow these blueprints and instructions properly you can complete this project in a short amount of time. I could see the difference in how my husband enjoyed looking over his plans compared to the way he would look over plans for myself or the kids. It really brought my heart joy to see how much fun he was having imagine you and your friends sitting down and experiencing the immense satisfaction of a job well done. Turn on the television, watch your favorite sports channel and enjoy a cool one.

Rare thinking people such as yourself already know that the advantages of your wooden garden shed are the quality of the construction, the shed design, the size that you wanted, the longevity of the garden shed, and best of all the financial savings. For your next project you many want to gather additional tool information, detailed schematics, and blueprints for step by step instructions for other woodworking projects that you would like to construct.