How To Grow A Lush and Beautiful Spring Garden in 2021

How To Grow a Lush and Beautiful Spring Garden

Spring is definitely the best time of the year for gardeners as it brings with it so many beautiful plants, colorful flowers and trees full of ripe fruits ready to be picked. The best way to kick-start this season is by growing a spring garden that will be full of on-season vegetables, fruits and flowers. Some of these plants can be planted in the latter days of winter just before the spring season begins. Others may need to be specifically planted when spring begins in order for them to be coddled. All in all, you should not wait too long to sow as days may fly by quickly and before you know it – spring is over.

Indeed, spring season is the time for gardeners to get into full-on work mode. Remember, this is the time when plants bloom and flourish to their peak levels. Plants bring out all the colors and beauty during this season. Setting up your spring garden in 2020 should be relatively easy for you if you have done it before, otherwise, you may need to put in some extra effort if you are new to this. There are certain things that you should take into consideration when setting up your spring garden. Here is a quick list for you:

1. Check on your fertilizers before you plant anything. In most cases, you will need high-quality fertilizers to boost the health and growth of your plants.

2. Also, check on your supply of compost. Compost is also a must-have if you plan to do any gardening in spring.

3. Next, think about what you are going to do about the weeds. Weed control is essential to the success of your spring garden. Weeds may steal crucial nutrients from the soil that would have been beneficial to your plants. They may also prevent seeds from sprouting. Use herbicides to keep weeds in check.

4. You may need to re-seed your lawns if you notice any thinning. Thick lawns are known to prevent weeds fro growing.

5. Next, check on your water supply. You should fix any cracked or broken hoses and pipes in your water system. Plastic pipes are easily damaged when exposed to the sun. Also, check for any dripping irrigation emitters and leaking valves. Ensure that your sprinklers are placed strategically so that water gets to all parts of your garden. Spring brings with it a lot of sunshine so it’s important to have a stable and reliable water supply in case the worst happens.

6. Think you are ready to get started? Well, just hold on a minute. Can you do any gardening without tools? Of course not. So, get your tools out, sharpen those that need sharpening, and lubricate those that need oiling. Check whether there are any missing tools and add them to your shopping list.

7. Last but not least, you must look into your pests and disease control options. It always good to be prepared for the worst. Pests and diseases can turn your beautiful and lush spring garden into a waste land. So, take necessary precautions well off in advance.