How to Pressure Cooker Chicken Wings

Pressure Cooker Chicken Wings

People have a thing when it comes to chicken wings. They actually love and something it becomes an addition. When it is the way they are prepared with crispy skin , the flavor blast and meat that easily pull away from the chicken bone that make them everyone’s favorite.

Chicken wings can be prepared with various sauce and the menus can be magical depending on how they are prepared.  Pressure cooker chicken wings have become one of the perfect ways of making it great and tasty.

A lot of people have never considered preparing their chicken wings with pressure cooker. The method works and does not affect the skin to become rubbery, soft or worse. You may have tried your chicken wings in various ways like baking, frying, broiling, roasting and grilling and now, there is pressure cooking if you are not aware.

However, the question remains, how crispy will the wings be after pressure cooking? Chicken wings do not end up worse if you are making use of a pressure cook. The secret is to get the right temperature and the right direction. You can even make the chicken spicier with your customized recipes. There is no harm in trying out some recipes when it comes to your  chicken wings. Of course, we mean when you are making use of the pressure cooker.

One of the ways of pressure cooking can be through this method;


  • Two pounds of chicken wings. Some people can make use of
    three pounds for this special recipe.
  • Two  or three tablespoons for your seasonings. You can make use
    of your favorites like garlic, pepper, salt or any other seasoning.
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • Half cup of water or chicken broth
  • Homemade pesto or a hot sauce that is used for serving.

Cooking Directions

The first thing that you need to do is wash your chicken wings. Pat dry your chicken wings. When you have done this, you should put the wings inside a big mixing bowl.

You can add the olive oil and seasonings. You should take your time in rubbing the chicken wings with it really good. This also works perfectly with any of your flavors.

The next thing that you should do is to put your chicken wings into your pressure cooker. This is done with the water or chicken broth. Use high pressure on your chicken wings for about nine minutes. Sometimes, it can take more than this time to pressure cooker chicken wings.

After your set nine minutes, you can carefully let out the stream. When it is cold, you can remove the chicken wings.

The next stage is to put your oven on to broil. You should broil your chicken wings making use of baking sheets. This should be done about five to six minutes. The time can be expanded depending on what you prefer.  The purpose is to ensure that your chicken wings is crispy. You can flip them to ensure that the result is achieved.

Finally, you should toss.  You do this with the hot sauce you have prepared and then served.