Learn About The Raleigh Farmers Market

Raleigh Farmers Market

Are you interested in learning about the Raleigh Farmers Market? If so, then you have come to the right place. While many farmers markets exist in the cities of America, many are simple outdoor affairs with rows of tables and booths that patrons can walk through seeing, sampling, and buying from the buckets, crates, baskets, and boxes of local farmers that show up. These do add a nice dimension to the communities that they are in, but the Raleigh Farmers Market is on a whole other scale.

The Raleigh Farmers Market is a regional marketplace. It is actually owned by the state of North Carolina itself. Four such regional markets operate across the Tarheel State. This particular one is operated by North Carolina’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Like its three counterparts, the Raleigh Farmers Market provides sellers and buyers a modern facility that is well maintained and in prime location for commerce. The property is sectioned off into the Market Shoppes, the Truckers Building, the Wholesale Terminal, the Market Imports, and a number of restaurants.

The farmers building provides 30,000 square feet for the farmers of the state to sell their plants, produce, and locally produced specialty items. Plants start becoming available in the month of March, and locally farmed fruits and veggies are on sale during the growing season. Find the widest selection of fresh produce here.

15,600 square feet of climate controlled and enclosed space is the Market Shoppes building, where you can find produce not just from North Carolina, but across the country. Also find meat, crafts, custom picture framing, state wines, cheese, bakery items, a market grill, and specialty shops with things like lotions, state-centric gifts, old-timey candles, and soaps.

The Truckers Building is a volume buyer mecca with over 15,000 square feet of its own selling space, dedicated to high quantities of things like North Carolina cantaloupes, peaches, watermelons, apples, and tomatoes. Global produce is also sold and traded here.

The Wholesale Terminal is where much of the produce from the Triangle area is bought, where five wholesalers supply roadside markets, restaurants, grocery stores, and other institutions.

Market Imports features over two acres of pottery, stone, furniture, trellises, fountains, distinct architectural elements, pots, water features, ironwork, teak, and a wide variety of miscellaneous yet fascinating arts and crafts from around the state, nation and world.

Three restaurants, including a grill and seafood restaurant, sit on the property to satisfy the appetites of those stimulated at the sight of so much delicious food. Hours do not always align with the larger market though. The Raleigh Farmers Market itself is open seven days a week, running from 5 in the morning Monday through Saturday and 8 in the morning on Sundays until 6 in the evening every day of the week.

The NCDA&CS Raleigh Farmers Market is managed by Ronnie Best. Find the map and directions online or through your GPS by putting in 1201 Agriculture Street, Raleigh, NC, 27603. If you have questions, call the market at 919.733.4717.