The Various Types of Christmas Trees

Types of Christmas Trees

There are very many types of Christmas trees all of which are a cheaper choice compared to the artificial ones. Some of the most common types of Christmas trees are listed below.

Various Types of Christmas Trees

Douglas fir

This type of Christmas tree is usually liked for its dark green or blue-green needles and sweet lingering fragrance. It is one of the most popular Christmas tree species in the US and can be found in many homes during Christmas.

Colorado blue spruce

This Christmas tree is common in the eastern United States. They have a narrow, pyramidal shape which has dull bluish-gray to silvery blue needles with a resinous odor similar to a fresh forest scent. It has very sharp needles which can be painful for decorating but still look nice with a little trimming.

Balsam fir

This tree has a dense, dark-green, crown with a tall and slender tip perfect for holding a star. There are very many features that make it ideal including dark green, long-lasting needles and a pleasing fragrance that can last throughout the season. It has rounded needles so that people are not likely to get poked as with other types of conifers.

Scotch pine

This type of Christmas tree is popular because of its hardy nature. It has dark green foliage and stiff branches that are good for decorating with ornaments of all sizes. Another reason why they are popular is because of their excellent needle characteristics which make it good for shipping and display.

Noble fir

This type of Christmas tree is known for its stiff branches, symmetrical beauty, and durability. It is also the favorite choice for holiday greenery. It is mostly used to make garlands, wreaths, and other fresh decorations.

White spruce

White spruce has a bright green to bluish green color. It has short needles that have a good natural shape and tend to stay stiff on the branches for quite some time. White spruce is not a good choice for fresh and cut decorations or wreaths because their needles have a strong and unpleasant odor when crushed.

Virginia pine

Compared to other types of Christmas trees, Virginia pine has relatively short needles and branches which make it easy to decorate. This tree is the only type of evergreen that can grow in warmer climate making it very popular in the Southern states.

Norway spruce

This type of Christmas tree is the traditional Christmas tree. It is the variety that most of us grew up seeing and most of us still have those memories of getting needles long after the tree has been discarded. Norway spruce has short, sharp, thin, non-glossy needles.

They also have very poor needle retention when taken indoors. However, they have that traditional Christmas tree smell familiar to many people. You will mostly see large examples of these trees in your local town centers during the Christmas period.

Fraser fir

The Fraser fir has a good needle retention and a lovely citrus aroma. It is naturally slim and is usually ideal for smaller spaces.