What Kind of Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe Will You Create?

Kind of Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe

Vegetable beef soup or stew is one of those ‘go-to’ recipes during the wintertime. Soup keeps you warm along with many others just seem to pop into people’s heads when the temperatures get colder. Chicken noodle soup is another mainstay, but let’s dish up the best vegetable beef soup recipe that you can imagine.

First of all, I have to share with you what I heard today about this type of soup. My mom had been over at her cousin’s house, and she was all excited about getting a recipe from her and was planning on making it tonight. The thing that stuck out to me the most was it was also going to include hamburger meat. I didn’t get to hear the whole recipe, but I’m wondering also if there is going to be pieces of steak or roast. You can use one of them or all of the above is what this recipe she heard about got me thinking.

Either way, you’re going to need a good beef stock base and plenty of fresh vegetables to cut up. Have you ever eaten beef stew out of a can? We all eat and enjoy can soup from time to time, and I love it. Yet, when you make your own at home, it’s just that much better. When it comes to the best vegetable beef soup recipe, those vegetables really matter. You also want plenty of meat in the soup, but the vegetables are still going to be the biggest part. Which ones do you use?

There are particular recipes, but it’s actually interesting looking at and combining different ones. I’m the type of person that would like to put as many vegetables as possible in there, as long as they are ones I like. Some recipes are more simple, calling for potatoes, carrots, celery, broccoli and minimal spices, give or take a few ingredients here and there. There is nothing wrong with making a simple and delicious stew, but you still have plenty of choices. For starters, it matters what potatoes you choose.

Personally, I like all kinds of different potatoes, but I would say my favorite would be the small red potatoes used in stews. You also have to include plenty of fresh chopped onion in the stew. Go with carrots, broccoli and celery as a base, sure, but branch out from there to see what other vegetables you might want to use in your recipe. Once you have looked at all of the options and many different recipes for ideas, you will have created your own and can write it down. It will be unique instead of just following one specific recipe you find.

If you have been cooking for awhile, that’s likely how you do things anyway. Being a spices and sauces person, I’m always changing up my own recipes from time to time, trying different things out. Make sure if you use stew meat that you get it nice and tender. You can marinate the stew meat ahead of time if needed. It all depends in how much you want to put into your vegetable beef soup.